5 tips to style Moroccan ceramics for a modern look


Moroccan culture is one of the most beautiful in the world. Full of flavors and colours. Of course, having a Moroccan heritage myself, my heart beats a bit harder for this land. I have so many memories since my childhood in the country side riding donkeys, playing with goats. Or eating fresh fish by the sea in Essaouira, where my family comes from.

Morocco is an experience that doesn’t stop with just the eyes. The scents, textures, flavors are all so rich. One of the best ways to bring some of this oriental art back home with you, no matter your interior design style, is by getting some beautiful handmade Moroccan ceramic bowls and plates.

Today, I will share with you some of my favourite tips when shopping for Moroccan ceramics and how to integrate it in your (everyday) dish sets.



1. Focus on 2 colour items

Moroccan ceramics are known to be colourful. When shopping in the markets, it all appear harmonious. The patterns don’t seem as bold. But once back home, it can be difficult to integrate so many shades into your interior or even in your dish sets. My personal advice would be to avoid too many colours. Favour the two-toned patterns, easier to mix with other dishes or together.

2. White & another colour

Once you decided to focus on two colours, try to pick a settle combination such as black and white or white and blue, instead of a red and green or orange and blue. If white is one of your two colours, it will be simpler for you to use these ceramics plates in a white dish set for an oriental chic result.

Another tip would be to by some one colour items to mix with the other patterns. It will always look chic as long as you don’t have more than two shades on one ceramic. Such as on the photos : cobalt blue, white and black.

3. Size doesn’t matter

Shopping on markets for handmade items, you will not always find complete Moroccan ceramic dish sets. But don’t despair ! As long as you keep the same colours, you can always mix sizes for a bohemian chic table setting. If the plates and bowls match, it does not matter that their size isn’t exactly the same.

4. Combine with rustic & modern materials

Using Moroccan ceramics doesn’t mean that you have to use to entire set. Also, as explained before, sometime you don’t find all the items you need to complete it. This is a great opportunity to take that oriental vibe to the next level and mix the ceramics with other materials. My two personal favourite are stainless steel and wood.

Stainless steel will bring some chic and clean modernity to your table setting when wood will underline the shabby chic style you are going for.

5. Less is more

As I mentioned in the point before, you do not have to use everything at once. Sometimes, a full white dish set can be taken to the next level with some Moroccan ceramic bowls or plates. Or maybe just for the main dish. Most people get excited once in Morocco and buy many pieces but when they get home, it feels odd, almost out of place, especially with occidental meals in. Used sparingly, the result will be chic, bold and yet settled. As us French say : less is more !

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