3 Ingredients traditional Parisian apple pie



This recipe always brings me back to my childhood. This is the taste of French country side. Desserts made with love by your mum, eaten by the lake. Or savoured with a black coffee with a view on La Seine by Saint Michel. This is the recipe all French know and grew up with. But this time, I will give you the 10 minute option for the lazy or busy ones of us. You will need just 3 ingredients, all store bought.


Ingredients :

Apples 4 or 5 (the sweeter the better)

Pastry dough store bought

Apple puree 1 jar

Cinnamon (optional)



Instructions :

1. Put the dough in a mould

2.Apply a generous layer of apple puree. But not too thick otherwise it will be too heavy.

3.Peal the apples

4.Cut the apples in thin slices

5.Place the slices in the dish from the outside to the inside. It should form a kind of flower. If you wanted to include cinnamon, sprinkle some on top.

6.Cook in the oven 220°C (Th 7) for 20 minutes


Note :

I personally don’t add any sugar with this recipe since the usual store bought apple purees are sweet enough. But you can always add some more in the puree (brown would be best) to your taste. However, this recipe doesn’t require any.


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