5 tips for Small or no entryway decor idea (rental friendly)





Whether you have an actual room or your entry door opens directly to your living room or kitchen, we all need that little bit of space to drop our keys. The smaller your place the more difficult it gets to define an area but these tips will help you out no matter the size of your entryway. These tips are also rental apartment/home friendly.

1.Mirror, table, rug

These are your 3 basics you’ll need in any kind of entrance. Obviously, it will have to adapt to the size available. You require a surface to drop your keys, sort out your mail etc. A mirror is always great for the final check before leaving the house and a rug can help define the area. I personally placed my rug outside my door since I have another one just near the entrance. These 3 basics are here to help but you don’t have to follow it perfectly if your space doesn’t require it.

2.Controlled mess

This is the first thing you and your guests will see once you open the door. So try to control your mess. Don’t leave your mail or loose pens everywhere and avoid keeping unnecessary items there. The clearer, the better. Especially if you don’t want you or people stepping on your things.

3.Keep it functional

Besides looking good, your entryway area has to be functional. Add some hooks for your coats and bags, storage for shoes, boxes to hide away your little necessary mess etc. Some of my favourite useful items are a notepad, a pen and a coin jar. Perfume is always on the table as well if I want to spray myself before stepping out of the door.

4.Use wall space

This is crucial especially if your entryway is small. Wall space is a saviour. Declutter the ground for a neater look, add some hooks on the wall, or directly on a shelf to avoid drilling too much. Place a tall shelf instead of a simple table if you need to store your shoes there. Get high, get creative, not everything has to be on the ground.

5.Statement furniture

A small, practical entryway doesn’t have to be boring. Since it’s going to be the first thing people see when they step in the house, why not using it to make a statement ? Get a gorgeous table, a massive mirror or even both. Art, plants, anything that will show your personality but won’t crowd the space. Favour wall space for that matter to leave your useful surface and the ground as clear as possible.

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