5 steps to french style makeup routine







French beauty routine is all about skincare. The better your skin, the less makeup you’ll need. It’s about highlighting what you already have and not creating a new face. French women use makeup as an accent, it has to be simple and quick, almost invisible. Especially during Summer time when it’s all about a fresh, youthful, sun kissed looking skin.


The first step to a French girl makeup look is to skip foundation. Prep your skin with a proper routine. Moisturise, exfoliate, oil, anything in order to improve your skin condition. Simply spot conceal where needed. It’s not about having a perfect looking skin, simply improving it a bit. Hide the major spots as well as your dark circles. Powder only if necessary, but better skip it for a natural finish.


Do your brows, bushy would be best. Respect your natural shape. It’s about improving them a bit and not creating new brows from thin air. Bushy brows will make you look youthful and natural.


As a typical French woman, to avoid using many items, some are used several times for different purposes. Use your highlighter on your cheekbones but as well as an eye shadow. Apply a coat of mascara. To avoid any clamps, wipe the brush before applying.


A nude shade, a nude gloss or even better : a lip balm. This will make you look even more natural and fresh.


Add a nice pair of earrings, let your hair dry in the wind and you are good to go. French girl make up routines are so easy to follow because they are about what fits best your face and lifestyle. Be yourself, you’re beautiful.


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