5 Tips for Vintage Tea Set Collection



Creating a vintage dish collection is so much fun but takes time. Using your tea set when hosting tea parties, after a meal, or just for yourself is always a delight. Here are some quick tips to help you create your own collection from the thrift store.

1.Incomplete is alright

Most of the time, tea sets will not be complete. The cups, plates or tea pot will be missing but it’s alright. As long as you love the design, get them anyway. Even if the number is odd, I keep the extras as back ups in case of breakage. This is both the beauty and inconvenience of shopping second hand. Everything already has a story that started before you.

2.Colour palette

As long as you have a colour palette, shopping second hand will get easier. Most of my dishes are white and gold, this is my colour combination base that allows me to add some more unique pieces such as green, blue and pink. On the photos above, none of the pieces are from the same set. The cups, plates and tea pot were bought separately but because they have a white and gold base, they work together.

3.Mix & match

The fun with having unique pieces that still work together is that you can mix and match them. That way, your table setting is never boring, it also allows you to play with what you already own instead of feeling like you have to buy more to create new looks.

4.Trust your crush

Again, as long as you have a colour palette to work with, you can shop incomplete sets knowing they will work with what you have. But the thing with thrift stores is that sometimes, you can come across a very unique piece that might not go with what you own already and that’s okay. If you really love these cups, plates or tea pot, just get them and put them aside until you know how to use them. This is what building a collection is all about.

5.Be patient & have fun

You are not going to find the right colours, sizes or sets every time. Building a collection, especially second hand, takes time but that’s where the fun is. Your browse the vintage shops not knowing what you are going to find until you encounter items nobody owns. Going to the thrift store should be about surprises and fun findings, so no need to be in a hurry.


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