7 reasons why white linens are best for your home

1.Luxurious hotel feels

There is something so luxurious about white linens. Whether it’s on your bed or your towels, white is chic. Maybe because most people think it is hard to maintain, but it really isn’t. The moment you put on white sheets and towels in your house, you instantly feel like on a vacation in a glamorous suite.

2.Effortless care

Contrary to most people’s opinion, white isn’t high maintenance. Of course, the moment you stain it you must wash it. If you make sure to be clean and having your makeup fully removed before getting into bed (which should be the case anyway), white becomes easy. How ? Same reason why hotels use all white linens : just throw them all in the machine and don’t worry about colour transfer. A wash that is exclusively white will stay white longer. You can also wash it to high temperature.

3.Easy replacement

Sometimes, white doesn’t stay white. When that happens and you can’t get the colour back with a wash, you can simply replace the damaged item. White is white everywhere, no worry to find the matching shade. My linens comes from many different stores but it always match because they are one similar colour. Contrary to black which can differ from a place to another.

4.Go with everything

We all know it. White goes with everything. It doesn’t matter what style you have, white linens will always pass the test of time and trends. You can change your bedroom and bathroom, your linens will still look chic and coherent.

Also, if you get bored, add some colourful pillows. Switch them up depending on your mood. But that remains more affordable than having to purchase new bed sheets.

5.White is clean

This has got to be the main reason why hotels use white linens all over the world. You can instantly see if the sheets or towels are perfectly clean and any stain stands out. Some people think of it as the main reason why not to use white but as long as you don’t eat in bed, remove your makeup and change them regularly, you will be fine.

6.Neutrals stand out

White is a basic so neutral that other neutrals seem more colourful next to it. If you are into nudes, they will stand out next to white. No need to pick loud colours for your bedroom to bring life into the space.

7.Cheap still looks expensive

If you have a small budget, white is the way to go. Linens can be so expensive. Towels, bed sheets, pillow covers etc. That’s a lot of items to purchase. The good thing is : white cotton looks expensive even when cheap. Stick to this colour and your home will always look put together.


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