5 tips for your white plates collection

1. White is a chic basic

When in doubt : go white. If you have to buy one colour, pick white. This entire blog post is a list of the many reasons why white is the colour to go. Even if you like more colourful pieces, you always need a white foundation to build your dish wear collection on.

2. Mix and match always match

The great thing about white is that it doesn’t matter if items do not come from the same set, they will always match. Even if the shades of white are not quite the same, it will not clash. This allows you to build your collection slowly with only items you love/need.

3. Have fun with the designs

White does not have to be boring. You can get plates with designs and different shapes. That way, your tables will never seem dull and yet super creative. Get minimalist, rustic, artsy shapes, mix and match, have fun with it. Try different styles without wasting your money. White goes with everything, none of your previous items will become obsolete in the process.

4. Curate your dish set

Shopping only for white items means that you have time and many opportunities to curate your collection. You do not need to buy entire sets if you only like the bowls or plates etc. Shop what you love, get what you need.

5. Collect white accessories

To bring more life to an all white table, do not forget the accessories. Tea pots, bowls, pitchers, saucers etc. You can find an incredible amount of designs and most of the time they are extremely affordable. All white means you can have fun and add more items to the table, it will not look too busy.

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