5 Things you’ll find in stylish rooms


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Each home is different, but here are 5 things you’ll find in most stylish rooms. These tips can apply to any style of interior decor and whether your space is small or large. These are easy tips to take your home decor to the next level instantly.

1. Grand focal point

Some rooms already have one built in such as a huge chimney or grand windows. But that’s not the case for most people. However, you can create your own focal point with furniture. Some make it around the TV, windows or by getting that one item that steals the show. My personal favourite is a massive antique mirror. They fit pretty much in any home and they make a statement. Also, mirrors are practical and bring more light into a room, especially if small.

2. Negative space

Be confident in your room and decor, do not feel like you have to fill in any corner. Sometimes, a blank wall says more about your vibe than any other furniture or piece of art. Do not consider any corner individually but rather as a full space in general. If a blank space seems right in your room in general then let it be.


3. Textures

Textures bring character to a room. Don’t be scare to mix them up, especially if they are earthy material such as wood, rattan, leather, linen. Not everything has to match. Your items tell the story of your life, it’s okay if they come from different space and time. Just like memories.

4. Greenery

Nothing brings more life to a space than life itself. Plants are both beautiful and peaceful. They make a house a home. Small ones here and there work great as decor touches when bigger ones can stand instead of actual furniture. Have a corner you want to fill in but don’t know what to add ? A massive leafy plant will do the job.



5. Personal touches

Having a stylish home is always great, but sometimes lacks personality. Following trends, architectural tips can make us forget that a home is supposed to be lived in. Don’t be scared to display personal items here and there. The goal is to live in a space that is aesthetically pleasing but isn’t coming out of an interior design magazine. You should feel comfortable in.

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