My indoor small potted cactus collection (care & decor tips)




When it comes to my indoor cactus collection, I have the goal to create a garden as large as possible. Since I’ve visited for the first time the Jardins de Majorelle in Marrakesh years ago, I fell in love with these gorgeous plants. One by one, I have been collecting small potted cactus. Not only they are super easy to care for but they are fabulous as decor.

I just love the laid back, bohemian, oriental vibes they give to any room. As beautiful as a leafy plant is, there is something grand and cute about a cactus.


The ones I own are very easy to care for, I simply water them once a month (better not enough water than too much). A small glass of water for the big ones and less than that for the small ones. My tiny baby cactus which is 4 cm large (how cute ?) gets a few drops a month.

Also, cactus love light and sun but do not put them is direct harsh sun. Brightness will be enough.


Small cactus are so fun and cute, place them anywhere bright in your house. Kitchen shelves, entryway, by the window, on a table. They usually cost less than 5€ each when small, don’t be scared to by many and place them together here and there in your home. Supermarkets often have a large selection for a smaller price than specialised shops.

Use natural material pots for a bohemian look or white chic pots for a minimalist vibe. Both will work perfectly with the green of the cactus.



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