French chic capsule wardrobe Part 1 | The trench coat (& shopping list)



The trench coat. There is something so French and so Parisian about it. This classic piece is like many items in a French girl’s wardrobe : unique to its owner. Trends do not matter when it comes to basics, you need to buy THE one that you will wear until it falls apart (or until you do first). How to wear a trench coat is your own signature. Some prefer the shorter, more fitted version, and others (like me) prefer the more masculine cuts. Oversized, boxy and very long brown is the quintessence of French casual chic. It will give to your outfit this “je ne sais quoi” French women love so much. When you wear this kind of trench, it give an “it’s my grand father’s coat, I just grabbed that before living the houseaesthetic. French women always look like they don’t care about fashion and yet à la mode.

If you are reading this article, you probably are interested in how to be a Parisian girl, or into french women street style. But to achieve that perfect vibe, to capture the essence of the Parisian casual chic aesthetic, you first need to understand that your trench coat has to fit you and only you.


How to chose the right trench coat :

This is a basic meant to last you for ever. When it comes to strong pieces like such, French women do not follow the trends. If you already own a perfect trench coat, have fun with a second one that can be trendier. But we are talking about basics today. Burberry made the long masculine trench very popular and it deserves the hype. This coat is worth over a 1000€ (I added it to the shopping list if you want to check it out), but other more affordable brands have their own. Zara has some great quality trench coats. You want to get one with a material that is quite thick for Autumn Winter. The lighter the coat, usually the cheaper the price. A thicker trench coat will add to this masculine Parisian chic vibe but also be wearable longer during the year. French woman are about less is more. You don’t need 30 coats, just get a few that will work most of the time. An oversized cut will also fit thicker jumpers, blazers etc underneath.

At the end of the day, do not follow the trends, shop your budget and think practical. Capsule wardrobes are about being efficient with less and forever stylish. Get a trench coat you will be able to wear at 20 30 40 50 etc. It’s all about being comfortable, timeless, you.






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    1. I’m sorry if my post didn’t provide the right information. The main point is to find something you feel great in. Seems pretty obvious but fashion and trends try to make us buy what is in at the moment and not what is perfect just for you. Forget the trends, it’s about what you love 🙂

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