5 tips for a mismatched table setting

1. Select a colour scheme

To keep mismatched tables classy, you need to select a main colour. Many shades can be a look indeed, however for the minimalists one main colour and a neutral such as white is a great starter point. Of course, once you pick a colour, the tones can vary, especially if each item comes from a separate set. But try to stay as cohesive as possible, the prints should do the heavy work.

2. Layer vintage and modern

Vintage colourful plates often bring some granny vibes to the table (which I personally love), but to tone it down try adding different textures such as metal, wood and glass etc.

3. Mix with neutrals

Since printed plates can be very busy to the eye, keep the rest quite neutral and modern. Small touches are enough to make a statement. Neutrals can be earthy materials such a bamboo, linen, wood, marble etc. Bring some metal and glass to the mix. These “neutrals” will bring another layer to your table without clashing with your colourful plates and food.

4. Keep other items consistent

If your plates do not match, keep the rest as consistent as possible. Use table wear, glasses etc from the same set. The key to an elegant mismatched table is to not throw everything and hope for the best. Select unique plates, but keep the rest neutral and consistent.

5. Accessories

If you want to be bold and add another layer of patterns, try to use only one on your paper towels for example. Now your main plates and table wear are on, do not forget your accessories such as pitchers, saucers, cutting board, flowers etc. Have fun with them but try and stay in the same colour scheme. Your accessories should be cohesive with your main table wear but not overpower it.

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