5 Tips to decor with rugs


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I have a special love for rugs. Being from Moroccan descent, I grew up surrounded by beautiful pieces in my homes. Rugs take a room to the next level. They make it cosy, warm, welcoming and also very stylish. The most expensive ones can be inherited from generations to generations, carrying your family’s history with them. If you don’t have that type of rug, why not investing and start the tradition ? Here are my top 5 tips to decorating your rug area and also some affordable options from Ikea.

Define area

A rug can be used to define an area in your space. Whether you have an extremely large room that needs definition or a very small one, a rug will create a sense of separation. Once you step on it, you’re in the living room or at the dinner table. It is both aesthetic and practical.

Size matters

When it comes to rugs, size does matter. One that is too small will appear cheap and awkward in your space, it has to visually fit. The most expensive option is to have a rug so large, all your furniture legs fit on it and beyond. This option also means that your couch for example cannot be against the wall, therefore, it’s an option for larger rooms. The most common and my personal favourite is having a medium size rug that will fit only the front legs of my furniture. This is great for regular size rooms and apartments. For the ultra economic option, the no leg on the rug. Only the coffee table will fit on it but it still should be quite large otherwise your rug will appear awkward and cheap.



Balance it with your furniture

Your rug can either be the colour statement of your room or toned down. According to what you already own it has to go accordingly. If your furniture is already quite bright and loud, having a discrete rug will complete the space. But if your sitting area is very neutral, it is the time to bring in some colours and patterns. An oriental inspired rug is great for that matter. Both the furniture and the rug have to balance each other out.

Coordinate with accessories

Same principle with the accessories. If you have bright furniture, chose a neutral rug with neutral accessories. The result will appear less intimidating and more welcoming. However, to avoid having a sitting area looking all dull, pick a rug with some colours and bring the palette to your accessories such as pillows. It doesn’t have to be bright and crazy, a dusty rose or navy blue work wonders. It is all about creating a harmony of shades.

Up the ground

Rugs don’t always have to be on the floor. Some can be used to decorate your walls or as a throw on your couch. Depending on the size, you can get creative. Especially if you move house, all your rugs won’t always fit on a room’s floor, so the wall or furniture can be an option to still include them in your decor. Personally, I have a rug my grandmother gave me that is simply to dear to me to walk on, so it is on my couch as a decor.




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