10 morning routine healthy habits (productivity, self care before work & school)



Having a proper morning routine can completely change your day. A structure to go back to, establishing healthy habits can make your daily life less stressful and more organised. How many times did we wake up completely sleepy, late or just not in the mood for anything ? Your morning routine is there to help you start your day on the right foot no matter your mood. Here are 10 ridiculously easy steps to help you out :

1. Organise your morning in the evening

Some people, including me, have a low decision making capacity in the morning. This is why a routine comes in handy. If you can’t even decide how you gonna drink your coffee that day, even though it’s the same every day, how can you organise your entire day ? Take 5 minutes in the evening, make a to do list, set a priority order, get it right, then go to bed. You should focus on yourself, being stress free instead in the morning.

2. Give yourself time

The average amount of sleep a person needs is 7 to 8 hours. Decide the ideal time you’d like to wake up in the morning, then set your bedtime 7 to 8 hours before that. And stick to it. Having the right amount of sleep will be a game changer for your day.

3. Do not hit snooze

The alarm already got you out of sleep, do not hit snooze. These 10 or 15 minutes you take fighting the idea of having to wake up will only make your morning harder. This is why having a good routine you look forward to accomplishing every day is essential. Getting out of bed shouldn’t be burden.

4. Open the blinds, make your bed

Shake it off, get out of bed and get started. Making your bed right in the morning will give yourself a sens of accomplishment and productivity. Your night is behind you, your bed is no longer calling for you. Getting some sunlight or fresh air will help you waking up.

5. Don’t reach for your phone

Social media, bad news, texts you can’t deal with, leave them for later when you are already on the right track. How many mornings were ruined by having a negative piece of information right away ? You can wait another 30 minutes before having to deal with the world. Focus on yourself first.

6. Breakfast, hydrate & skincare

In a rush, we tend to skip one or all of these 3 steps, but they are all important. A lot of people say they are not breakfast people but it is a major meal that deserves its time in your routine. Maybe at first you won’t enjoy it but your body can be trained for anything. Do not forget to drink at least one large glass of water and take a few minutes to do a proper skincare routine. Whether you wear makeup or not on the daily, your skin deserves a short moment of love.

7. Don’t rush, take a moment just for yourself

The entire routine is made so you can focus on yourself, but this step is to remind you to calm down, breath, and get on with your day peacefully. Some people want to be so productive they just stress themselves from sunrise to sunset. But to win the race, you need a proper warm up first. That’s what your routine is for.

8. Exercise

Depending on how much time you have in the morning you can take 5 to 15 minutes to exercise. Some people like myself wake up earlier to have a short yoga session, other will leave home earlier so they can walk to work or one bus station further. Try to find a moment in your morning to integrate just a few minutes to get your body moving. Walk your dog, stretch or go to the gym for a full session. Make it work for you.

9. Check your to do list

You made it the night before, you wrote down what’s urgent what’s not, now check it and get your day started. Some like to start with the most annoying task so the rest of the day is free, other like to accomplish small tasks at the time for a continuing feeling of productivity throughout the day. It’s all about your personal preferences, but don’t start with checking your to do list. As we said earlier with your phone, it’s about you first.

10. Set a routine that works for you and stick to it

At the end of the day, what kind of routine you have, how many steps, how many hours of sleep, depends on your preferences and capacities. Maybe you don’t have time for exercise and skincare, it’s okay, do it in the evening. The most important is to have a routine that allows you to remember to start with yourself first. When you feel good, everything else feels better. Finding the right routine will take some time, so do not despair. Remember it’s about being happy and healthy, not achieving a huge amount of tasks before breakfast. Do what’s best for you. But once you found the right one, stick to it. Consistency is the fuel for success.

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