Autumn French Market



Going to the market on Saturday mornings has been an experience I enjoyed since my early childhood with my grandma. Now I’m 27 and shopping for myself at the same market, I end up loving it even more. Especially when I see, far a way in the crowd, my grandma still there, picking up her veggies. When you are in your early 20’s you can’t wait to leave home and build incredible experiences. This is how I ended up living in Ireland at age 20, on my own. As fun and incredible as it was, it was never quite like home.

Besides bringing me back many lovely memories, I enjoy the market even more now I cook my own food all from scratch. I studied 5 years after high school, worked like crazy in Ireland and Paris for years and now I finally have the time to live at a slower pace. I have time to eat each meals but most importantly : cook them.

There is something so pleasing to go to the market and shop directly from the small producer. Vegetables do not look like in the store, they are imperfect and yet still beautiful. Just like people, not two are quite the same. You also end up buying and eating accordingly to the seasons which is both healthy and inspiring. Every time I don’t know what to eat this week I know the market will tell me what are my options. Which vegetables and fruits are best at the moment ? How should I cook them ? It’s a process that takes you back to the purest of basics : nature. Do with what life gave you, on its own schedule. Go with the flow.

French markets particularly are such a lovely experience. Our food is already very rich and diverse but going to the market shows it even more. If you have the opportunity, every village has at least one weekly market, make a stop. Enjoy the cheese, the fish, the large choice of vegetable and fruits, even if it’s just with the eyes.


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