5 clever ways to hide clutter (fake minimalism)


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Some of us are true minimalists, others aren’t. This blog post is to help out the ones that still need many items in their house, lack space and/or storage. Of course, before even thinking of hiding your clutter, you should of course declutter your home. This blog post isn’t to help you being a hoarder but rather clever ways to hide away your necessary clutter. Such as equipment, books, beauty, cleaning products etc. These tips are particularly great for last minute tidy up before some surprise guests arrive or when you just don’t want to be bothered with cleaning at the moment.

1. Behind curtains and doors

Having closed storage is ideal. Living room, kitchen , bedroom etc, you need at least one storage you don’t have to always keep perfectly tidy. If you just like me you hate your things to look messy but don’t have time to tidy on the daily, closing doors is a stress relief. Your space looks better and you can tackle it when your mind is ready for it. So when shopping for kitchen furniture, get some cabinets with doors (open shelving is nice until you have to tidy it all the time), wardrobe that close, book shelves with doors etc

If you don’t have a proper wardrobe that closes and hides your mess, you can always throw on a curtain. Your room will look perfectly clean until you have time to tackle a wardrobe declutter and organisation. This works well for any kind of tall storage such as book, shoe shelves etc.

2. Chest & trunks

Having a chest in the room is the quickest way to throw away your clutter when you don’t want to be bothered with cleaning. Whether it’s to store equipment, toys, towels etc. Get a beautiful looking trunk that has a clear purpose. To avoid turning it into a trash bin, know what is supposed to go inside and often go through it to keep it under control.

3. Storage bins

Same principle as chest and trunk, bins are great to just throw items in and forget about them. Everything should have a place and if you don’t want your shelves to look over flooded and messy, add a few bins. You simply transferred your clutter into the bins and yet, your room looks instantly cleaner. Again, keep the bins under control, go through them regularly to for a declutter session and each bin should have a proper purpose so you know where to look for your items.

4. Double duty furniture

Add a pillow on top of your chest and it becomes an extra seat. Buy seats that can be opened and used as extra storage. Get a bench with drawers to utilise. A bed with a storage under the mattress. There are many smart furniture that can help you hide away your necessary clutter. Think double duty to keep your home aesthetic and practical.

5. Down under

This tip is great is you particularly lack storage and space in general. You can use the area under your bed, shelves etc as extra storage. Get boxes that are low enough and utilise this extra space.

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