3 tips for a quick affordable kitchen remodel (rental friendly)


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1. Functional furniture

Your kitchen has to be functional before being nice. Get all your appliances plugged in the right places that make sense. Sometimes, you need to live in your home a while to figure out what is your most accommodating workflow.  It took me about 10 months to decide. My kitchen had zero furniture for 5 months. I might be a bit extreme but you get my point. Now I am fully ready to invest and drill.




2. Custom counter space

Custom isn’t as expensive as one might think. Buy a counter, get it cut to the right dimensions place it on top of furniture and you are good to go. In my case, I bought a regular one door lower cabinet. I didn’t install the top counter (that was an ugly grey colour) and neither the handle (ugly grey colour again). All I did was place the counter on top of it and my washing machine. No drilling, nothing. For 20€ (cut included) I have a custom counter space that fits my awkwardly design little kitchen.

3. Stylish shelves

Shelves are underestimated most of the time. People install upper cabinets, throw their mess inside and close the door. Use that wall space to create a vibe, a look. Keep it as functional as possible but why not making it stylish as well ? Show of your cutest dish set, favourite mugs and glasses. Don’t be afraid to change it up once in while. Some art and plants are always welcome.



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