10 bedtime routine ideas (beauty, health, organisation)



We often struggle with falling asleep but mostly because we tend to sabotage our sleep process. By using electronic devices, leaving a messy home behind us, over thinking what’s to come the next day etc. Getting ready for bed should be about more than putting on pyjamas and brushing your teeth. Here are some tips from my personal routine that help me every night.

1. Quick tidy up

Not talking about an actual cleaning session, but take 10 minutes to tidy up around the house. Put away the dishes, clean your mirror, pick up items on the floor, get the trash ready to be thrown etc. Going to be to a tidier house will make your morning more peaceful and less stressful.

2. Wash your dishes

It is very tempting to leave the pans and plates for the morning but you don’t want to wake to a messy kitchen. Especially if you happen to be late that morning. A clear kitchen will set the mood for a more productive day. No need to look for a clean cup for your coffee, it’s already there waiting for you.

3. Organise tomorrow

Write down on a note pad your to do list for the next day and leave it there. No need to stress about it, you cannot do anything at the time of the day. Tomorrow’s problems are for tomorrow.

4. Put down your electronics

It’s a known fact, at least 30 minutes before your bed time; stop using any electronic devices. Sleeping without the TV on is a healthy habit to develop. Put down your phone, even better on silent, on the other side of the room. That way you will not be tempted to check your feed or read a late text and in the morning, you will have to stand up to turn off the alarm.

5. Relax

Take a moment to breath, relax, stretch and prepare mentally for the night ahead. These minutes of quiet will bring a peaceful sleep.

6. Skincare routine

How many of us rush their skincare routine (if they don’t forget) because they go to bed exhausted ? Take the time to follow each steps and actually enjoying the process. Massage your face, put oil on your nails, cream on your body. Take less than 5 minutes to wake up prettier on the morning.

7. Drink a cup of tea

Some avoid drinking before bed but I personally enjoy a warm cup of tea. Especially in Autumn Winter. There is something so cosy and peaceful about it that makes me wanna go under the cover and rest.

8. Pick an outfit

For the ones that never know what to wear in the morning. Take 5 to 10 minutes to pick the next morning’s outfit. My advice would be to go the extra mile and try your outfit before going to bed. You don’t want any surprises in the morning such as pants that aren’t fitting anymore or a shirt that has a missing button.

9. Read a book

Reading will ease you into sleeping. A lot of people say they do not have time to read. But take 10 minutes to read a few pages and you’d be surprised how many books a year you manage to finish. And if you’re reading one you love, you’ll save more than 10 minutes for a reading session before bed.

10. Put down a routine and stick to it

Give yourself that 1 hour before bed to actually get ready for bed. Create your own routine that will make you happy, relaxed and ease you into sleep. Maybe you do need/want to watch some TV before bed, do what works for you. But creating an actual routine will help you get into night mode and have that one hour for yourself.

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