2 ingredient banana pancakes (quick & easy)



High on protein, low fat, super quick and easy to make, these banana pancakes will become regular on your breakfast menus. They are called pancakes because cooked on a stove, but they do not have the exact same taste. However, they’re still incredibly delicious. These pancakes definitely have a strong banana flavour, so if you don’t like that fruit, you’d better skip this recipe.

Time required : 10 min or less

Servings : 1 person

Ingredients :

1 egg

1 banana

Additional ingredients :

Baking soda for added fluffiness

Honey or maple sirup




Instructions :

• Cut and mash one banana into a smooth puree

• Break one egg and beat it

• Incorporate the egg into the banana puree, mix together

• On a hot pan add some oil or butter to prevent the mixture from sticking

• Pour about 2 tablespoon of the puree on the pan

• Let it cook for a couple of minutes

• Flip on the other side

• Let it cook for another couple of minutes

• Repeat until there is no puree left. It should make between 3 to 4 pancakes

Options :

You can add other ingredients if you please. Such as baking soda into the puree for a thicker and yet light result. But also some berries, chocolate sauce or even jam for added flavours. I personally topped mine with some slices I saved from my banana and a teaspoon of honey. With a black coffee, my breakfast was pure delight. And that, under 10 minutes.



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