5 tips to decor with antique mirrors



I have a massive love for antique mirrors. When I moved in my current apartment, I didn’t have a bed, chairs or even a working oven. But I had my huge antique mirror sitting in my living room. He’s my pride and joy, but also the beginning of a new collection. Today I am sharing with you some tips on how to decor with antique mirrors and why they are perfect for your home no matter your interior design style.

1. Flea markets are the way to go

Antique mirror are actual pieces of art. No matter their size, they can be quite expensive. I got mine, which is about 1m50 high, for only 70€. Why such a bargain ? Because I went to a country side flea market where people just don’t care about antique. Unless you have the budget, look for these mirror outside the city. Auction sales are also a good option.

2. Every room is a good room for it

Do not limit yourself to one room such as your bathroom for example. Antique mirror are perfect anywhere in the house. Have some in your living room, bedroom, entrance and why not ? Your kitchen.

3. Oversized always fits (even is small spaces)

You might think that you don’t have the proper home for it. An antique mirror always feels so grand and impressive, it needs a huge Paris, London or New York apartment to fit in. Be it actually doesn’t. These mirror fit in any size apartment, any kind of decor. They will mix perfectly with farm house shabby chic,bohemian, Scandinavian etc.

4. Tiny in size, big in statement

Even a very small antique mirror will do the job. If you like the style but can’t commit to a large piece for a reason or another, have a tiny mirror at your entrance, above your kitchen sink, on your dresser etc. Even when small, the frame will do the work and add to your decor.

5. More is more

When it comes to antique mirrors, do not be scared to think big and bold. Golden frames, massive sizes, intricate details, have fun with it. And why not ? Have multiple mirror to create a gallery wall. They bring light in your home and make the space feel bigger, so go for it.


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