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Glossier finally came to France this October ! I have been waiting for a while to try this “no makeup” brand with such a beautiful aesthetic. The glossier look has a vibe that screams French girl makeup to me. I selected a few items such as the Lip Gloss, Skin tint, Boy Brow, Haloscope and Concealer. Some products are cheaper if bought in bundles. I have been using these on the daily for a few weeks now and even used them for my wedding makeup look. I wanted a fresh face that looked very natural to the point that it looked like nothing and yet prettier than my actual skin. Here is a quick review on what I got for now.

The Lip Gloss :

Some people say it’s just a regular lip gloss but the shine is something else. Your lips will look prettier, fuller and somehow cutter. Affordable, simple to throw on a no makeup look, it also works well on top of a lipstick. There is a reason why it’s such a seller : it’s awesome.

The Skin tint :

Most people say you need a clear skin to really enjoy it and that’s true. The skin tint will not hide any imperfection or blemishes and somehow it will give a healthy glow to your skin. If you plan on using the skin tint, invest on a good skin care routine. That’s the actual Glossier slogan and French beauty philosophy : Less makeup, more skin. Apply with your hands for an even more natural look.

Concealer :

Just like the skin tint, the coverage isn’t mind blowing but that’s the point of the entire brand. It will however cover some blemishes and dark circles but not so much that your skin will look flawless. Applied by hands the result will be dewy and fresh.

Haloscope :

For a healthy glow coming from withing. I got mine a shade too dark for my skin but still use it on my cheeks as a glowy bronzer. It also works well on the lids. The result will be very natural, almost like wet skin. You will look like you just had an amazing facial treatment.

Boy brow :

Another best seller and I know understand why. I like my eyebrows very thick and bush and this is the tool for. I used to always use the Anastasia Bervelly Hills brow pomade and then their brow gel to get a bushy brow look but not with the Boy Brow. I brush my brow backwards (I know weird but trust me) and then I brush them forward to put them in place. Your eyebrows will look fuller and totally natural, like you just added a bunch of hair. Like most products in the collection, having already a healthy skin or in that case full brows is better (duuuh…) but you can use it on top of a pomade for an even thicker result of if you have sparse brows.

Overall :

I love Glossier products and the hype was totally worth it to me. They are great to achieve that no makeup makeup look , making my skin looking glowy, healthy and yet leaving people wondering if I am wearing something. I am planning on shopping more items such as their skincare products but also the Generation G lipsticks, their mascara and the face powder.

Let me know if you tried any of their products yet and what you would recommend !



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