Home decor haul : All about green


I recently started to be obsessed with the colour green around the house. It usually is incorporated through my many plants but I took it a step further with some more accessories for the kitchen. The large plates and hand towels are from the store Action and do not seem to be available on their website but they are quite simple and easy to find around in stores.

It all started with the floral green plates from Ikea that somehow remind me of my childhood in the 90’s. You can style them with some all white dishes or add them on top of large green plates like I did on the photos above.

The little rug was only 2€ in Ikea and is the perfect size for in front of the kitchen sink.

Green is such a beautiful and peaceful colour that will add some warmth to your house, especially if you don’t have many plants around. It will go particularly well with wooden furniture but also metals to balance with the coldness of the material.

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