Ikea hack : basic cork board into a farm house kitchen essential


A cork board is always useful in a home, especially the kitchen. Perfect to pin your to do lists, mail and anything you need to remember. However, some can be a little too basic and do not fit your home style. This is why I got this cute perfect sized one from Ikea but customised it into a farmhouse inspired chalk board .

What you need :

  • cork board
  • black matte spray paint
  • wood stain of your choice
  • sand paper
  • painter’s tape (softer than actual tape)
  • chalk pen (optional)

Step 1 : the frame

• Sand the wood frame using a soft sand paper. Be careful not to damage the cork in the process (like I did).

• Dust and tape inside the frame using the painter’s tape so the wood stain won’t go on the cork. Painter’s tape is softer and will not damage the board when you remove it. Stain the frame with one or two coats depending on your preferences. Wait for it to dry properly before removing the tape.

Step 2 : the board

• Once the wood frame is totally dry, tape it all over the board. Do not leave any piece untapped otherwise, the spray paint might stain it by accident. Then spray the cork, staying about 20 to 30 cm away from it for a smooth finish. The required distance will depend on the brand you choose, follow the instructions on the bottle.

A matte finish will give your cork board a chalkboard aspect.

• When dry, remove the painter’s tape from the board.

Step 3 : finishing touch

• Using a chalkboard pen or any white paint, add some cute farm house inspired details. I went with a simple “Notes” but you can have fun and go with “menu”, “shopping list”, “to do”, “home sweet home” etc etc. Make this cork board what you need/want it to be.

This is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed and have with this DIY.

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