Small apartment entry way renovation, organisation & storage


Moving in my new apartment, the entry way was one of the most stressful space. This is the first place you see when coming in, it’s important to keep it in order but also aesthetic.

Here are the simple steps we took to transform the entry way :

Function & declutter

Your entry way has to work for you and represent your style. As I said earlier, it is the first room you see when you or your guests enter the house. What do you want to reflect ? In most apartments, there isn’t any proper entry space, so it is easy to misuse it when you are lucky enough to have one. Do not let it become a dumping area when you come in or come out. Once this room has a proper function that works for you, stick to it.
By defining a function, you can now ease into the process of decluttering.

Living in a small apartment, you tend to have rooms with several purposes such as entry way / closet. Even if small, keep each categories separate and organised for a better use of the space.
Less clutter means a room that is easier to keep tidy and organised. Get rid of what’s not necessary and define specific locations for what is.

Personal touches

Defining a function and keeping the space simple doesn’t mean you can’t add your own personal touches to showcase your home style. Utilise wall space by hanging art work and mirrors that double as useful and balance the light. A rug helps defining the space visually especially if your entry way merges into another room.

If your entry way allows it, add a bench. You can store under it or even better : store under and inside. A bench that double as a chest helps you store items you might need at the door but also isn’t particularly aesthetic such as shoe wax, shoehorn, shopping bags etc.

Hang hooks to the wall for your coats, jackets and handbags . Again, utilise the wall space as much as possible to free the ground and keep the flow of the room.

Think outside the box

Especially if your entry way is small or with odd proportions, do not hesitate to think outside the box when it comes to your furniture. Our shoe storage is actually a metal shelf unit made for storing tools. We simply cut and stained some pine wood boards to elevate its aesthetic.

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