Free DIY farmhouse spice drawer organization (recycled)


What you need :

Recycled jars (that are all the same)

Charcoal pen (optional)

Spray paint (optional)

This is the easiest DIY ever.

To get my dream spice drawer, all I needed was to find the right size of jar container. I happen to really love eating pickles so all of these jars are pickle jars. It took me a few weeks of eating a bit more pickles than usual but after a bit of patience, I had all the containers I needed for this project.

My two pieces of advice when choosing your jars are to select food that you’ll actually enjoy eating. The principle of this free DIY is that with or without this project, I was always going to buy some pickles. All I did was making sure they were constantly from the same brand.

Chose a food that you can finish quite quickly. My pickle jars were so tiny and I love eating them so much (they are super healthy, check it out) that I could eat one jar in two meals. They are great as snacks or in salads.

To fit with my kitchen colour palette, I spray painted the lid black. I don’t know if it’s because of my paint or the fact that I use these several times a day but the colour tends to fade a bit. So keep in mind that you might have to touch up a few months after.

If you are in France or leave nearby a Carrefour, my jars are from this store and they are each under 1€. I have 21 of them, so my drawer cost me less than 20€. Which is still free to me since I was gonna buy pickles anyways. I simply up-cycled the containers they came in.

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